Mama mía, it's everyone's favorite mustachioed hero! You'll find him running, jumping, sliding, and swinging a Tanooki tail all over the Mushroom Kingdom.

Your friendly neighborhood Toads are hanging out all over the place, waiting at home to give you items should you stop by, or hiding in certain stages to toss you a power-up.

The dastardly King of the Koopas is making Mario's life difficult once again. He'll spit fireballs, shake the ground, and throw whatever he can get his hands on to keep you from getting to Princess Peach.

Goombas are pretty common in these parts, but some have new tricks up their sleeves. They may stack themselves to get a towering advantage, or even grow a Tanooki Tail to try and whack Mario down to size.

The Tanooki-tailed Boo may still be scared of you when you're facing him—but if you turn around, he'll charge head on, tail swinging.