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With Mario's amazing new 3D world comes an array of awesome new power-ups and items, alongside classics that fans know and love—all experienced in thrilling new ways. Here are just some of the goodies you'll find scattered throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Leaf

Mario's classic power-up returns to put a spring in his step! Grab a Super Leaf and suit up as Tanooki Mario to add a powerful tail-spin, and the ability to gently float down from jumps for extra distance.

Fire Flower

Grab a red hot Fire Flower to have an endless supply of flaming fireballs at your disposal. These red hot projectiles bounce off walls until they burn out, letting you attack from unexpected angles.

Super Star

This five-pointed wonder makes Mario invincible for a short time, letting him run all over the place without any fear of getting hurt by enemies. Knock out five in a row and you'll start to earn 1Ups too.

Propeller Box

When Mario dons one of these nifty blocks, he can perform an extra propeller-fuelled leap with every jump he makes. Having one of these handy makes those dizzying heights a bit easier to manage.

Boomerang Flower

The Boomerang Flower turns Mario into a Boomerang Mario and gives him a cunning curved weapon in his hand. He can toss it to take out enemies and grab hard to reach coins.


The mushroom kingdom is overflowing with coins. You'll find them hiding under question blocks, grass, enemies, and more. You'll get a 1UP for every 100 that you find, so look far and wide to get as many as you can.

Star Medals

These shining medals are found in every stage, and in certain mystery boxes. They can also be very tricky to find. Grab them to open up special stages throughout each world. If you want to unlock everything the game has to offer you'll have to find them all!

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