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Explore the 3D World

Get ready to see the Mushroom Kingdom like never before. With the unique 3D features of the Nintendo 3DS system, every question block, platform, and enemy can be seen more easily in the space around you-letting experts play with greater precision, and new players jump in more easily than ever. Here are just a few of the types of levels you'll find in this brave new 3D world.

Into the Clouds

With the ground far far below, you'll want to be extra careful as you jump from cloud to cloud. Those 3D visuals will really help you see clouds beneath your feet.

Into the Deep

Fearsome fish of all sizes make their home in the watery worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom. As you swim through these depths in 3D, you'll find a plethora of hidden caverns.


The underbelly of the Mushroom Kingdom is just as diverse and colorful as the sunny side, only much more dark and devious. Here's a taste of what you'll find there.

Castle Challenges

Bowser and his most malicious minions reside in these monstrous castles surrounded by lava. Step carefully to get to Bowser, who's waiting at the end, and show him what you're made of!

Inspired by the Legend of Zelda

Fancy a little more exploration in your Mario™ gaming session? Check out this level, which takes a heavy cue from the classic adventures in The Legend of Zelda™.

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